I was born in Gravesend, Kent. I studied Interior and Exhibition Design at Rochester College of Art. The influence of producing the technical drawings for these subjects, before the time of computer aided design, can be seen throughout my work in the linear, graphic mark making that is often seen in my paintings and drawings. At twenty-two I moved to a dairy farm, where I lived for twenty years. The contrast between living in both an urban and a rural environment has had a great influence of the way I see and depict the landscape within my work.

In the early eighties, when I was still living on a farm, I began painting fabrics in brightly coloured geometric, freestyle patterns with acrylic paints. I turned these in to soft furnishings. I did this for my own home to begin with, as a way to brighten up the house with little money. I was influenced very much by what I had seen at Charleston House in Sussex, the home of the Bloomsbury Group. Gradually I began making these for other people. I was living in the Forest of Dean at the time, and I joined a local group of artists named the Forest Artists Network. The area had no central arts centre, so as a group we organised exhibitions and an annual open studios event. During this time, I began to paint on canvas and board. I experimented with oils, and other mediums. From this time up to a couple of years ago, I have had several exhibitions of paintings and drawings consisting mainly of landscapes and still life.

In 2015 I gained an MA in Fine Art. It helped me contextualise the influences in my work, and to understand the way my own experiences have driven it. The resulting work is much more experimental, and I use many different mediums, including painting, drawing, photography and found objects, to tell a story.





A view from the Margins,  Mid Wales Arts http://www.midwalesarts.org.uk/index.php



MA Fine Art Grad Show 2015, Hardwick Gallery, University of Gloucestershire. http://hardwickgallery.org

Urban Anthropocene, Gallery 8, Pershore.

Perfect Day, Gallery 4a, Malvern.

Hadfield Fine Art, Sevenhampton. http://www.hadfieldfineart.co.uk/artist_detail.asp?id=95

Interval, Hardwick Gallery.



Hadfield Fine Art, Sevenhampton.

Four Artists, Gardens Gallery.

Spirit of Place, Ragley Gallery.

MA Open Studio, The Wilson.

MA Open Studio, The Chapel, Francis Close Hall.

On Land, Gardens Gallery.



Hadfield Fine Art, Sevenhampton.

Gardens Gallery.



Hadfield Fine Art, Sevenhampton.

Gardens Gallery.





Shelter, Gallery at the end of the lane, Coaley.



Being Meantime, Meantime Project Space.



 Present ongoing

Pendeen Lighthouse, An investigation into the history and landscape  around the Pendeen Lighthouse, Cornwall. In collaboration with writer Kelvin Corcoran.